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Add to Calendar

  • Title: This should be a concise title for the calendar item
  • Deadline / Due Date & Production Date: A due date is required in order to save a new calendar item. Production date is optional. If both dates are selected, they will both reflect on the calendar.
  • Status: A calendar item is either open or completed.
  • Details: Optional field. This is a great area to define the calendar item
  • Priority / Department / Stage: These are optional, but important options. You can define your own Priority / Department / Stage options at the Settings area in Business Tools.
  • Associated Contact: You can either add a new contact, or search and add an existing contact. This is an optional setting.
  • Notes: This will allow you to manage notes in a centralized area. The logged in  admin's name will display along with the date.
  • Save & Add Attachments: Once you save your calendar item, you can upload attachments

Example of complete calendar item

Example of complete calendar item

Calendar attachments

When you hover you mouse over an attachment you will notice four options.

  • Download
  • Preview
  • Color background
  • Delete
Calendar attachments