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Add to Calendar

This guide will illustrate how to add items to your production calendar under Business Tools

Business Tools - Add to Calendar

  1. Title: This should be a concise title for the calendar item.
  2. Deadline / Due Date & Production Date: A due date is required in order to save a new calendar item. Production date is optional. If both dates are selected, they will both reflect on the calendar.
  3. Status: A calendar item is either open or completed.
  4. Details: Optional field. This is a great area to define the calendar item.
  5. Priority / Department / Stage: These are optional, but important options. You can define your own Priority / Department / Stage options at the Settings area in Business Tools.
  6. Associated Contact: You can either add a new contact, or search and add an existing contact. This is an optional setting.
  7. Notes: This will allow you to manage notes in a centralized area. The logged in admin's name will display along with the date.
  8. Save & Add Attachments: Once you save your calendar item, you can upload attachments.

Example of Complete Calendar Item

Here is an example of a completed calendar item for your reference.


Calendar Attachments

When you hover you mouse over an attachment you will notice four options.

  • Download
  • Preview
  • Color background
  • Delete