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Apply Distress Using Adobe Illustrator CS6

Open your Artwork

Open the artwork that you downloaded from us  


Bring in the Distress

In this example I just dragged the Distress file into Illustrator. Another option would be to use the Place option under the File menu


Resize the Distress to Fit the Canvas

In this example I used the sizing tabs around the image, but there are other ways you can accomplish this


Rasterize the Distress

From the Object menu select Rasterize

Options to Select when Rasterizing

You will want to select Bitmap in the Color Model dropdown, as well as the Transparent option under Background


Change the Fill Color to White

The Fill Color should show a "?" at this point,  Click it so the Color Picker comes up and assign White(#FFFFFF)

Click Ok when done


Ready to Print

You might need to do some final touching up, but the art should be ready to print