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Automatic Emails Sent from the Order Manager

Several types of system generated emails are sent on your behalf to customers as orders move through each Stage of the production process. Some examples include: when customers place an order, when you approve and order, and when an item/order is shipped. This guide will help explain when automated emails are sent and from which Stages of production.

Note: Emails are typically sent out to the user within 5 mins of the action that prompted to send a message.


Order Review Notification Email

Quick Glance: The Order Review email is sent if the user selects a payment method that does not collect funds at the time of the order.

If you are using a payment method such as Arrange Payment Later or PO, that doesn't collect funds at the time of the order, then your customer will receive the 'Order Review' email first. This email confirms the order was received, but is awaiting Administrative approval (internal to your account). It notifies the customer that the order is being reviewed and that a final confirmation will be sent once you have begun processing their order. Once the order is approved / confirmed in the Order Manager, the customer receives the 'Order Receipt' email (see next section).


Order Receipt Notification Email

Quick Glance: The Order Receipt is sent in two instances:

  1. When your customer places an order with a payment method that collects funds like Stripe, Braintree, and PayPal. The receipt will be sent out instead of the Order Review email (mentioned above)
  2. Once you approve / confirm an order with an alternative payment method (mentioned above). The order will be automatically moved upon approval/ confirmation to the Order stage of the Order Manager and the receipt will be sent out shortly after

Order Ready For Pickup Notification Email

Quick Glance: The 'Ready for Pickup' message will be automatically sent after a order with a custom shipping method, is moved into the Ship stage of the Order Manager.

Note: This option can be skipped (see next section)

Opt to Skip Sending Ready for Pickup Notification

Additionally, you have the option to bypass sending the 'Ready for Pickup' message by skipping the Ship stage of the Order Manager and moving it directly to Complete. From there you can use the Record / View Shipment option to manually apply a method and have the appropriate notification sent out.

  • The option to skip the print stage appears on the 'Select Action' menu of the order, when in the Print Stage of the Order Manager.

Shipment Notification

Quick Glance: This email is automatically sent after you Record / View Shipment for a selected order from the Select Action drop down, fill in the shipment details for the shipping label, and then click 'Record this Shipment'.  

The 'Shipment Notification' email is used with orders using a standard shipping method like UPS, USPS, and FedEX. For this email to be sent you must use the Record / View Shipment option from the Select Action drop-down, provide the shipping details of the order for the label, and then click 'Record this Shipment'. At that point InkSoft will send the automated email on your behalf. We suggest moving the order from the Ship stage to the Complete stage once you have Recorded Shipment. Additionally the Record / View Shipping option will provide a way to re-send the email, after the initial notification has been sent.

Note: If automatic integration is enabled globally and on the shipping method in use, the tracking number will be included on the email sent to the customer.