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Business Tools Reports

Getting Started

To access Business Tools Reports, hover your mouse over the Reports tab on the Navigation bar, from there move the mouse to hover over Business Tools Reports to reveal the Report Options. Alternatively, you can click Reports, and navigate to the Business Tools Reports from that page.

InkSoft Business Tools have four types of reports:

  2. Invoices
  3. Payments
  4. Partial Payments

Creating a Report

This examples shows the Invoice Reports, however all four of these reports use the same filter criteria:

  1. Start/End Date: Select the desired start and end date for the report.
  2. Customer: Select the customer you would ike to include in the report, if all then simply click Check All
  3. Output Type: The report will generte as a  HTML and Microsoft Excel file based on this selection.
  4. Run Report: This will begin the process of creating the report, based on what you select as the Output Type.

HTML Report

The HTML Report will generate in a new tab for you to see. This allows you to toggle back to your report criteria to make adjustments as needed.


Excel Download

If you select Excel it will it will begin to downlod the .XLS file. From there you can open the file in excel, it will look very similar to the HTML example above.


Printing Reports & Saving as PDF

When you choose to print the report from the browser, you also have the ability to save it as a PDF as well as have additional options for how the report will display.

  1. In the Destination area, click Change to select the printer you would like to print from, or Save as PDF
  2. Changing the Layout, Paper size, and Margins will update the way the report is printed/saved.