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Cart Settings

Cart Settings are not a global setting and can be changed per each store you create. The Cart Settings section allows you to decide what features you would like to have turned on for your customers shopping cart experience.

Configuring Cart Settings

Each store can have a unique shopping cart experience. To get to your Cart Settings:

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Shopping Cart Settings
  3. Click Cart Settings
  4. Filter: Store(to configure the cart settings for selected store)
  5. Click Apply

Configuring Cart Settings Cont.

  1. You can copy cart settings from one store to another. In the drop down, you will select the store you wish to copy from and click apply.
  2. Enable / Disable toggle will allow you to turn your shopping cart on or off (NOTE: If the cart is disabled NO transactions can be processed)

Shopping Cart Settings:

Payment Mode: There are 3 options that you can allow payment to be taken:

  • Optional: Allows your shoppers to either pay with a credit card OR checkout using 'arrange payment later'
  • Required: Requires credit card payment to checkout
  • Disabled- Does not prompt for Payment; No payment will be taken

(Note: Disabled Payment is primarily for customers that are using your store front as an online order form and will be cutting you a check after the store has closed)

Shipping Address & Method: 'Required' forces shoppers to enter in their Shipping Address when selecting a shipping method.

Billing Address: 'Required' forces shoppers to enter their billing address.

Quick Checkout: Will give your shopper a drop down taking them to the shopping cart quicker OR they will be able to remain on the product page to continue shopping.

Checkout From Designer: Allows shoppers to checkout directly from the Design Studio cart. This is an important setting for 'embedding' the Design Studio into a third party website.

Display Design on Other Items: Showcases the shoppers design on other items in the cart -- Creates 'one-more-sale' opportunities (This excludes Starter Theme)

Gift Message: Allows the shopper to add a personalized gift message in the cart. This message will be added to the order's packing slip automatically.

Address Book: Allows storage / access of shoppers entered addresses.

Address Verification: Validates the shoppers address using UPS/FEDEX/USPS delivery verification. Will prompt your shopper to verify address IF there is suggested correction.

Names & Numbers: Allows for shopper to configure a roster of names and numbers within the cart.

Round to 49¢ & 99¢: Rounds products to the nearest 49¢ & 99¢ dollar amount.

Apply Qty Discount To Printing: Will apply the quantity discount to the product and the print price (Note: Quantity Discounts are usually Product Price ONLY)

Sell Gift Certificate: Will allow your shoppers to buy gift certificates.

Accept Gift Certificate: Allows for purchased and admin created gift certificates to be used in the cart.

Accept PO's From ANY Customer: Allows a shopper to checkout by using a purchase order.

PO Attachments: Allows you to enforce an PO attachment within the shopping cart.

Non Taxable: Allows you to configure tax exemptions (NOTE: Please use only under the advice of a tax professional)

Federal Tax ID: Prompt for a Federal Tax ID -- Useful when allowing for tax exemption.

State Tax Reseller #: Prompt for a State Tax Reseller # -- Useful when allowing for tax exemption.

3.  Click Save