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Coupon & Discounts

Getting Started

To access Coupon & Discounts:

  1. Click Marketing from the main navigation
    • You will be delivered to the Coupon & Discounts code manage screen.  Here you can view both Active and Inactive coupons and discounts.
  2. ACTIVE: These are currently available & functioning coupons & discounts
  3. INACTIVE: This area stores those coupons & discounts that are no longer active

Creating a Coupon & Discount

  1. Click Create New
    • Complete required fields as indicated by the red asterisk.
  2. Name: Name the coupon / discount to what you would like, this can be seen when managing coupon / discount
  3. Description:  Provide some detail on what the coupon / discount does, this also can be seen when managing coupons / discounts
  4. Requires coupon: At checkout, the shopper is required to enter the coupon / discount code in order to receive the discount
  5. Discount Type: You can specify whether you want to discount by dollar amount or by percentage, and then provide the discount amount in the field to the right
  6. Apply Discounts to: You can make your discount apply to products and/or shipping. This allows you to create different types of promotion offers
  7. Effective/Expiration Date: You can set an effective and expiration date for your coupons and discounts. Effective date will be the date that your promotion becomes active and the expiration defines when the promotion is no longer valid. This is a great way to create time sensitivity and control your promotions
  8. Click Save on the upper right hand corner to submit your changes

Creating a Coupon & Discount Cont'd...

InkSoft also provides some additional parameters for the coupon / discount to use for more specific setups. This helps insure that only the discount is applied if certain conditions are met, and/or the discount to only work with a specific item.

Note: Both of these sections are not required for the coupon / discount to work, but they can be really helpful on making sure the discount works exactly how you want it.

  1. Minimum and Maximum
    • Minimum Item Count: Set the minimum amount qualified items in the cart needed for the coupon / discount to work
    • Minimum Item Amount($): Set the minimum dollar amount needed in the cart for the coupon / discount to be applied
    • Maximum Usage Count: Allows you to set how many times the coupon / discount to be used in general. Eg. Limiting the coupon / discount to the first 100 customers
    • Maximum Usage Per Customer: Set how many times a customer can use the coupon / discount
      • Note: When using the Maximum Usage Per Customer the customer must create an account, or have an existing account for the discount to work. This allows InkSoft to keep track of how many times each customer uses it. Instead of letting customer use it over and over when checking out as guest.
  2. Apply To
    • Stores: Select the store you would like the coupon / discount to apply to
    • Products:  With a store(s) selected, select the products that the coupon / discount to work with
    • Product Styles: With a store(s) selected, choose the product style (color) for the coupon / discount to work with
    • Design Categories: With a store(s) selected, select the design categories that the coupon / discount can work with
    • Designs: Choose the specific designs that the coupon / discount can be applied to
    • Shipping Method: Specify the shipping methods that the coupon / discount can be applied to

Click Save on the upper right hand corner to submit your changes.

After saving a coupon you will receive a 'success' confirmation message.


Editing or Deleting Existing Coupons

You can also edit or remove active or inactive coupon / discounts by:

  1. Clicking the 'Pencil' icon to edit the coupon / discount
  2. Click the 'Trash' icon to remove the coupon / discount

Managing Discount

Automatically Apply Discount: This function will allow you to have the selected coupon / discount to automatically apply to the cart IF the rules / restrictions / settings have been satisfied.

  • Example: Save 5% off on all orders over $100 could automatically apply the 5% discount IF there is more than $100 in the shopping cart.
  1. Use the dropdown menu to select the discount to automatically apply to the specified store on the right
    • Note: You can only select 1 coupon / discount to automatically to a store, this Does Not prevent other discounts from being used instead.



Discount Links

If you create discount(s) that does NOT require a coupon code, you will see an additional option called Discount Links on the Manage Discount page. You can assign these links to banner ads or other linkable marketing efforts. In doing so, the coupon will be added automatically when the user clicks or uses the provided link.