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Custom Font Uploader

Getting Started:

To navigate to Custom Fonts:

  1. Use the navigation bar in the header move your mouse over Art
  2. Move the cursor down to Fonts
  3. Click to select Custom Fonts





  1. Upload Font: Allows you to upload your desired font.
  2. Save: Save any changes to fonts you make.
  3. Category Filter: Provides a quick way to filter and see fonts associated to a font category.
  4. Allow Font: Checking the box next to the font will allow the font to appear in the Design Studio. Unchecking will not allow the font to appear in the Design Studio.
  5. Font Preview: Displays the name of the font as a preview
  6. Font Name: Update and change the font name to what you would like it to be. Note: The preview of the font will update as well
  7. Font Category: Allows you to move the font to another category by selecting one in the drop down menu
  8. Delete Font
  9. Download the Font



Uploading a Font

Start the process of uploading a font by click the Upload Font button.


Uploading a Font Cont'd

  1. Select an existing category you would like the font to be applied to, or you can create a new category for your font
  2. Click to open a window and select the font you wish to upload, or you can also drag the font file

Create a Custom Font Category (Optional)

If you select the "Create New ..." option in the select category drop down. The Category Name field will appear for you to create a new Category name. Any Custom categories that have already been created will appear in the list with the default categories.


Selecting a Font Cont..

Select the font(s) you wish to upload, and click open.


Selecting a Font Cont'd

Once the font(s) are finished uploading, the Next Step button will light up and allow you to proceed to the next step.


Selecting a Font Cont'd

Check the preview to be sure the font looks correct.

To finish the process

  1. (Optional) Update the font name, this will change preview image as well as the name of the font in the Design Studio
  2. (Optional) You can also remove the font if you happen to change your mind
  3. Click to agree to the terms and conditions
  4. Click Upload to finish

Successfully Uploaded Fonts

Once completed, you should see a success message.


Managing a Custom Category

  1. Any of the new categories that you create will appear in the category list with an asterisk next to it
  2. Clicking the arrow next to the custom category will bring options to either Rename the category or Delete

Renaming a Custom Category

Selecting the rename option will bring up a pop up to change the Category Name.


Delete a Custom Category

Deleting a custom category will bring up a prompt to either move the fonts to an existing category,  or to delete the fonts that are in the category.


Font Rendering Failed

If the font you're uploading is unsupported by our system, you will receive this error message shown below.