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Customizing Your InkSoft Profile Image

It's quick and easy to customize your InkSoft Admin profile image. This image displays in the InkSoft Admin portal as seen in the image below. Note that InkSoft displays the profile image, name, and permission level for each logged in admin.

Profile Image

By default, InkSoft uses the initials of each InkSoft Admin as the profile image. It is possible to use a custom image by following the steps outlined below.


Create your free 'Gravatar'

Head over to to create your free Gravatar account. A Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog or forums. All you need is a valid email address that is associated with your InkSoft account.


Adding Your First Gravatar

After you create and validate your Gravatar account, you can create your Gravatar by clicking the 'Add' option as seen below.


Upload Image

Select one of the four options to upload an image for use as your Gravatar.


Crop uploaded image

Here you can elect to crop your uploaded image. Click the 'Crop and Finish' button once you are happy with your image.


Choose Rating

Select the 'rating' associated to your Gravatar.

NOTE: Since this image will be associated with your business and identity, be mindful of using a professional image that reflects your branding. Thus, your image should be rated 'G'.


Editing your Gravatar

You can always update and modify your Gravatar by removing and uploading new images.