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Design Invites

The 'Design Invite' feature allows you to send an email of a design invitation to your customers to edit and create new products with.

Getting Started

After logging into the InkSoft admin area:

  1. Go to the Art tab in the navigation bar
  2. Move your cursor to Design Ideas  
  3. Select Design Invites from the sub-navigation

Getting Started Cont'd...


  1. Filter: You filter through Design Invites by Status or Date Range.
    • Status filter provides the following statuses to filter by:
      • New: Create and not yet sent via email
      • Sent: Sent via email
      • Viewed: Customer clicked the design invite link
      • Complete: Customer named and saved a design
      • Deleted: Archive of deleted design invites

2.    Search Design Invites: Enter keywords to search existing Design Invites

3.   Create New: Allows you to create a new Design Invite



Managing Existing Design Invites

After filtering or searching for results you will have the following view.

  1. Click the subject to expand the view. This allows you to see a preview of the design created and displays a notes field.
  2. Click the preview to generate a larger preview.
  3. Optional: Input notes
  4. Optional: Click the delete icon to archive the Design Invite

Create New Design Invite

After clicking the 'Create New' button a popup window will appear where you can compose your Design Invite email.

  1. Store: Select the store you want to send the invite from
  2. Lookup: Allows you to search for an existing contact or add a new one. See example of the Lookup screenshot below.
  3. CC: Optional. Here you can carbon copy in additional email addresses. NOTE: Comma separate email addresses. Example:,,
  4. Subject: Enter in a personalized subject
  5. Message: Enter a personalized message here. NOTE: InkSoft will automatically insert a Design Invite URL at the bottom of your email message. If you want to position the Design Invite link in your email message you can simple type %URL% where you'd like the link to display.
  6. Select Action: Select where the customer goes to, when they click the provided link.
    • Start In Blank Design Studio
    • Display List of Designs in Design Category
    • Load Specific Design
  7. Send Design Invite E-mail: When you done with your email, click this to send

Create New Design Invite Cont'd

Example of the Lookup Contact Screen


Design Invite on the Customer's Side

An example of the Design Invite email that would be sent to your customer.

Note: The link and the text above it are automatically added to the email when sent. Everything else like the subject line and message will show as how you entered it.  


Design Invite on the Customers Side Cont'd

After the customer clicks the link they will be directed to the design studio. Once the customer is done creating / editing a design they would click, 'Save Design' and name their design to complete the process.

Note: 'Add to Cart' function is removed in this scenario so you can continue working with your customer.