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Digital Print Pricing

Print Pricing Overview:

Here you can create unlimited Screen Print Pricing structures. InkSoft allows you to associate print pricing structures to products. This allows you to ensure your print pricing is perfectly aligned to each product / production process.

InkSoft's most common pricing model is to add the customer product price to the print price. Example: Product Price + Print Price = Finished Price

InkSoft's print pricing methodology is straightforward: You create levels of pricing for each quantity range. See the guided steps below for more insight:

Digital Print Pricing Video

This video comes from our Getting Started with InkSoft guides and videos, from Training Session 2 - Print Pricing.



Navigate to the "Default" Digital Print Pricing grid.

  1. Click the Pricing tab on the main navigation bar
  2. Click Print Pricing
  3. Click Digital Print Pricing

Define Your Pricing

Using the Default Digital Print Pricing structure, you will fill in the required fields to complete your digital pricing.

  1. Quantity Range: Set the minimum and maximum for each level. NOTE: Levels must consider the last max number. Example 1-12 -- 13-24 -- 25-48 etc. There is no overlap or conflicts between the proceeding level's maximum and the subsequent level's miniums.
  2. Base Price: Define the per side base price and any associated setup charges. NOTE: These are per side and per product prices that will be added onto the product's customer price. Setup prices will be divided over the quantity. For ex. If a customer buys 6 products the $10 set up would be ($10 / 6 = $1.67 setup per product).
  3. Team Price: Enter the price for each name and number. NOTE: You can display names and numbers on a per product basis.
  4. Override Price: Here you can opt to use a fixed price for Front and Back product sides rather than using the base price. You may also define the left and right sleeve pricing in this area. NOTE: You can enable / disable sleeve options at each product. (This is not a 1st Side, 2nd Side, 3rd Side, and 4th Side price. These are absolute position prices. - the backside print will price at the value in the Override Price Back box.
  5. You can use the 'plus' and 'trashcan' icons to add or delete an additional quantity of pricing.
  6. Click the Save button once you are done configuring or editing your pricing structure.
  7. Please Note:You want to be exhaustive in your digital print pricing. For Items that are only assigned to Digital Printing -  after your quantity on the grid they will go to a Backup Pricing Grid for quoting on the website. This grid will default the print price to $4.50.  It would be best to go high with your grid and price it high to avoid this Backup pricing. On this grid - go above 200-400 and maybe price it at $4.75 just to ensure this pricing will show at a realistic rate. You may charge more than $4.50, so in this case be sure to update those quantities and go a little further with a higher price.

Digital Print Pricing Explained

Use the example table below next to the Quantity and Base Price to see how the Digital Print Pricing grid would be applied


Creating Additional Print Pricing Structures

  1. After you configure your 'default' print pricing structure, you can click the 'Plus' icon as seen below to create a new structure.
  2. Enter a name for your pricing structure: NOTE: Be mindful / descriptive when creating names to help you stay organized. Click the 'Plus' icon that follows the name entry field to complete the addition of the pricing level.
  3. Once you have filled out your pricing be sure to Save.

Deleting a Pricing Structure

  1. Click on the tab of the digial print grid that you want to delete.
  2. Click the "X" on the top right.
  3. The grid is now deleted.

Assigning a Print Pricing Grid to a Product Sku

After clicking on a product SKU from the Manage Products area you can associate a print price grid to a product as seen below. If you have more than one print price grid in either Vector or Digital pricing, you can select it from the drop-down.

Click Save when you have finished assigning a print pricing grid to a product.

Please note: This page is located under the "General" Tab of the Manage Product page for an individual sku.



Assigning a Print Pricing Grid in Bulk - Going to the Product Manager

To get to the Order Manager go to Products > Product Manager. Then filter to see your products. Where the Select Filter Menu is. Our example shown is Product Type> Standard.


Assigning a Print Pricing Grid in Bulk - Selecting and Assigning

1. Check the skus that you want to assign the grid.


Assigning a Print Pricing Grid in Bulk - Selecting and Assigning - Continued


1. "Select Action > Set Digital Print Grid".

2. Select the Grid you want to use for the selected products.

3. Click Apply to Apply the Grids.