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Downloadable Customer Clip Art

Getting Started

The 'Download Customer Art' feature  allows you to view, edit and download any of your customer's clip art / images that were uploaded into the InkSoft Design Studio.

NOTE: The difference between 'downloadable customer art' and 'saved customer designs' is simple: Art consists of customer uploaded content (raster or vector) whereas 'designs' are those files that contain at least one element of text from the InkSoft Design Studio.

  1. Select Filter Type: Filter by Store, Customer, Date Range or View All. Select the desired filter and click the 'Apply' button to see the results.
  2. Search by Customer Email: This is a quick way to search all customer uploaded art. Enter the desired email and click the 'Apply' button.
  3. Search by Keyword: Search all downloadable customer art by keyword or phrase.

Manage Customer Art


After searching, or filtering your results will appear. Three features will be available for each downloadable customer art:

  1. Download: Will download the file open a tab with the image to download.
  2. Delete: Will permanently delete the file.
  3. Create Design in Studio: This will open the file in the Design Studio where you can edit the file and resave.