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Exporting Orders to ShipStation

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Just added by popular request, the ability to export orders to ShipStation! This new option available from the Order Manager will allow you to generate a CSV file from your orders, and then import them into your ShipStation account.

Retrieving the Order CSV

After Selecting the order(s) you would like to export.

  1. Click the Select Action dropdown
  2. Select ShipStation Export
    • Note: The ShipStation Export option will show in all stages of the order manager EXCEPT the Approve Order Stage.
  3. Click Apply
  4. The browser will then start to download a CSV file



Importing the CSV into ShipStation

From the Orders section of ShipStation.

  1. Click Other Actions
  2. Select Import Orders

Importing the CSV into ShipStation Cont'd

  1. Click Select File and select the CSV that was downloaded from InkSoft
  2. Select Create a new field mapping
    • If you have already mapped your InkSoft orders Select "Use a saved mapping from a prior import job", choose the saved field mapping, and move on to the next step
  3. Click Upload and Continue

Mapping CSV to ShipStation

Use the dropdown menus to map your fields to the ShipStation fields. We have named the order fields to be the same as ShipStation to keep mapping as easy as possible.

**Be sure to add a title to the field mapping name at the bottom of the form to save your work. This will allow you to re-use the field mapping you created for later use.**



The import should now be completed.


Imported Orders

You can now manage the newly imported orders in the Order section of the ShipStation account.


Complete the Order

Once you're done with the orders on the InkSoft side, use the select action menu to move them to Completed NO Email.



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