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Fundraiser Order Notification

Getting Started

This is useful to notify your internal team of sales as well as to loop in an organization contact to be informed of sales progress.

Here is how to access the area with Clicks:

  1. Webstores - Select the Store you want to Edit
  2. Store Settings
  3. Options

To Enable the Notification feature for a Fundraising store.

  1. Click Webstores on the store you want to edit.
  2. Click Store Settings, after selecting the fundraising store to edit.
  3. Click Options.
  4. Enter the email you would like the store to send notifications to.
  5. Click Save, to submit the changes.

Notification Options

  1. Send Daily Summary of all Notifications of Orders to: This option waits til the end of the day to send out one email that contains the order numbers and order totals of the orders you have received that day.
  2. Email Me Current Order Notifications Now: Clicking this button will send out the same Order Notification email described above, but will only contain the new order you have recieved up to that point. The daily notification will be still be sent out if you receive orders after this options is used.
  3. Blind Carbon Copy Order Confirmation E-mails to: The email address that is entered in this field will be sent the same order confirmation email that customers receive as a BCC.