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Gift Certificate Report

InkSoft has an optional feature which allows for the sale of gift certificates online. When enabled, shoppers can purchase an electronic gift certificate for a recipient of their choice. Additionally, InkSoft Admins can bulk issue gift certificates for marketing and customer service purposes. Learn more about InkSoft's Gift Certificate feature here.

Gift Certificate Report Criteria

To access the Gift Certificate report:

Login as an InkSoft Admin and click 'Reports'.

From 'Orders Reports' select 'Gift Certificate Report'.

Report criteria includes:

  1. Date Range: Select desired dates ranges by start and end date.
  2. Optional (default): Choose whether you want to include gift certificates with a zero dollar balance remaining.
  3. Report Type: There are three choices for report type: 1: All 2: Store Issued 3: Purchased -- 'All' will report both store issues and purchased. 'Store Issued' are for those certificates created by an InkSoft Admin. 'Purchased' refers to those certificates bought online
  4. Store: Select the desires stores that you wish to generate the report for
  5. Output Type: Select HTML to view report result in the browser as a web page or, Excel for offline viewing.
Gift Certificate Report Criteria

Report Example

Report criteria includes:

  • Gift certificate #: Unique system generated gift certificate number.
  • Store: The InkSoft powered web store where the certificate was purchased or issued.
  • Date purchased / Issued: Date when the certificate was either purchased or issued.
  • Amount of Certificate: Original amount / value of the gift certificate.
  • Issuer / Purchaser: Who issued or purchased the certificate.
  • Issued To: Name of the certificate recipient.
  • Issued Email: Email address of the certificate recipient.
  • Reason / Order #: Reason of issued certificate or the order number if purchased online.
  • Applied To Order #: Indicates which order the certificate was applied to for reference.
Report Example