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How to Create a Micro Store

Creating a Fundraiser Store is a quick and easy way to generate revenue, by either partnering with an organization, or just selling your own pre-decorated products.  Once you have the pre-decorated products created and ready to publish, the store setup is very simple.  This quick guide will each step required to get your new Fundraiser Store ready to make sales.  

Please Note:  There is no obligation to use these stores for fundraising. You can use them for any simple ecommerce store where it is click and buy. It's a nice mobile responsive, simple one page website that accomodates from 1 to 50 pre-decorated products (Order Up Theme only).

Need store ideas?  School stores, Church stores, Employee stores, Team Gear stores for players, Summer Camp Pre-sale, Sport Playoff Stores, and more. Visit the InkSoft Demo Site and view the various Fundraiser Store Examples under the Stores tab.

Online Store Creation


1. Getting Started

From the Dashboard, click Web Stores 1. >Create New 2. > Click Create under Fundraising Web Store 3.


2. Store Information

  1. Fill out your basic store info, including contact info, store name and the text you want to be published on the store front.  (Your contact info will auto-fill)
  2. Hit Save once Finished.

Side note: You can enter HTML and CSS changes in the Body portion of store information.


3. Fundraising and E-Commerce Settings


Using the Fundraising settings allow you to set an end date for your store, and a goal (either dollar amount or units sold)  If you don’t enable the fundraising settings, your store will appear as a static store without an end date or goal.  Perfect for Employee stores, and more.

  • Set Fundraising Countdown: Enables a Countdown functionality - useful for pre-sale or fundraising. Choose your End Date and Timze Zone. Please Note: It will end at Midnight of the Date Selected (12:00AM and Time Zone Chosen).
  • Set Fundraising Goal: Enter your goal amount in either Dollars or Units Sold.   Please Note: If you are splitting proceeds - use Units Sold. If 100% of the sales are going towards the cause - select Dollars.
  • Set Production Date: Set the date that you will start production. Please Note: This will calculate an estimated arrival or pickup date from the shipping methods used - specifically the Production Time and Transit Time of the shipping method.

Sample Shipping Settings from a Shipping Method

  • Production Time: 10 business days
  • Minimum Transit Time: 2 business days
  • Maximum Transit Time: 4 business Days
  • Example: If your Production Date is the 1st of the month: it would ship or be ready to be picked up on the 12th, and be delivered on the 15-17th.  



  • Select a shipping method: If you have not already created a shipping method - you can pick one just to get past this and then change it under Settings > Shopping Cart Settings > Shipping. Please Note: This is Required.
  • Select Your Payment Method



4. Choosing the Theme & Products

Choose the theme you would like to use for your store.  “Apollo” and “Green Beans Solo” are single product stores, while “Order Up” and “Green Beans” are multi-products stores.  Once you’ve selected your theme, select the pre-decorated products you would like to add to this store.  (Pre-decorated products must be published in order to show as an option, but you can always add more later in the Products section of config.)


5. Sort Order

Choose the order in which your products display by simply by dragging and dropping each product in the desired order.


6. Finish

Once you click Create, you’ll see our congratulations along with a link to your new Fundraiser Store.


Final Product

Your new Fundraising Store should now be live for your customers to view