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How to Create a Pre-Decorated Product

Creating a new pre-decorated product in InkSoft is a very simple process and can usually be done in around 5-10 minutes.  You will need to have products loaded to your main store that will serve as the blanks for the pre-decorated products.  (click here for the quick start guide on how to add products)

The complexity of art and number of colors on the product will determine how long this process with take.

Video from our Getting Started Section

Here is a video from our Getting Started Training Videos.


1. Create pre-decorated product(s)

You will need to log into the InkSoft backend for your store and click Products ->Add New Product-> New Pre-Decorated Product

  1. Go to Products
  2. Drop Down to Add New Proudcts
  3. Click on New-Pre-Decorated Product
  4. Toggle to the Store where the Blank Product You Want to Decorate Lives
  5. Click Create in Design Studio

2. Select your Product

The Design Studio will load with the same item each time. You can choose a different product to design by using the following steps.

  1. Click Products
  2. Search if you want to or go to Number 3
  3. Toggle to the category you want to Search.
  4. Click on the product you want to use.
  5. Select the color of the product you want to use.
  6. Click select product.

3. Design your Product

Design your product.  You can use your own art with the upload image feature or use the built in Artwork > Design Ideas or Artwork Clip Art.

  1. Click Artwork > Design Ideas to Find Shirt Designs in a Category you want to Use
  2. Or Upload Your Own Art Here.
  3. Place and Center Your Design
  4. Select Print Location to change Position
  5. Hit Save when finished.

Side Note:

After you have designed your product click Save.  Enter a name for your design and click Continue.  This will start the save process.  You will see a short animation then it will return you to the design studio.  IMPORTANT – Hands off!! Do not touch anything!!!  Look that the chrome tab and you will see a spinning circle.  This means that the system is working.  It is creating your design on all the colors for the product.  If the product has a lot of colors this could take some time.  When the system is done it will automatically take you to the product information page for your new product.


4. Product Information - General Tab Screen 1

Once the product information page loads we can then fill in specific details about the product.  At a minimum you may want to change the name, SKU and price so that they are unique and something you understand.  It is also advisable to at least add the SKU to the keywords field.  This will make the product searchable on the storefront (not as important on fundraiser but important on other multiproduct stores).  Some settings to check/change:

  1. Name - Most Users Include the Store Name or Identifier in the Name
  2. Supplier (I add my store as a supplier then use these for my pre-decorated products. Up to you on whether you want to do this.)
  3. SKU - most people rename the Sku as: Store_Sku or Sku_Store
  4. Manufactuer Sku - most people leave this alone - this is to know what product you originally designed.
  5. Fill out the new Product Description. Helpful text to describe the product to your customer.
  6. Fill out your Store Search Tags aka. Keywords
  7. Check the Sizes you want to Carry, and Uncheck the Sizes you Don't want to Carry. Add additional sides if desired. (Use the + Sign.)
  8. Click the Sides you Want to Show for your prodct. If you only designed on the Front - choose the Front Only. (Old Navy doesn't show the back of a shirt usually if it is plain.)
  9. Set the Product to Active. This means "Live" on the Site.
  10. Choose the Store it should be. Usually you have to switch this to the new Fundraiser Store if already created. (Click here to learn How to Create a Fundraiser/ Pre-Decorated Item Store)
  11. Assign it to a Category.



4. Product Information - General Tab Screen 2

  1. Choose the Options you need for the Product.
  2. Choose the Personalization Options you want to use.(If you choose Custom Personalization, review this guide for more help)



5. Edit the Colors Offered for the Product - Screen 1

To Bulk Edit the Colors offered on a product - use this screen shot to help.

  1. Click the check all box and select All to select all of the product colors at once.
  2. Uncheck the colors You do Want to Use.

5. Edit the Colors Offered for the Product - Screen 2

  1. Go to Bulk Apply Button
  2. Click Status.
  3. Choose Inactive. Recommended if your client keeps changing their mind about what colors offered. If you are a 1000% sure that they will not use a certain color - you can trash it by clicking the Trash Can icon.
  4. Only the Unchecked Items are Now Active.
  5. If you need to do a reverse Text, Click the Upload Button on that Color - be sure to set it Active then. This one would upload over the Antique Cherry Color You would have to do a manual mockup in your own graphics program for this step. Product image size would be 500x500 png or jpg file at 150DPI.

6. Pricing Tab - Fixed Pricing (Manual Product Pricing)

  1. Set to Fixed Price. This is for manual pricing including the price of print/service type.
  2. Enter your Regular Size Price.
  3. For Upcharges do the check all box to select all of the Colors of the Product.
  4. Click Bulk Apply > Set Customer Price > Pick the Size You Want to Change. Then Fill out the Price in the Bottom Box and click Apply. Do for each upside you want to price - 2xl, 3xl, 4xl, etc.
  5. Confirm Your Prices under Customer Unit Price Column.
  6. Hit Save!!!

7. Optional -  Stores Tab - For Using the Same Product in Multiple Store

  1. Select the Store You Want to Edit Colors In.
  2. Click the colors on that you want to use - they should be green.
  3. Hit Save.