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Introduction to Payment Processors

Select your Payment Processor

InkSoft offers two types payment processors that you are able to use and capture payments, Hosted and/or Secured in Webstore.

Hosted Payment (These processors provide their own secured checkout page)

Note: This process will redirect your customer away from your store momentarly to gather the payment information. After the payment information is gathered the customer will be brought back to your store to complete the order.

  • PayPal Express Checkout

Secured in Webstore Payment

Note: This type of payment processting requires a SSL Certificate, you can enable the free InkSoft SSL or purchase your own. For more information Click Here)

  • PayPal PayFlow Pro 
  • Stripe
  • Braintree Payments

Configure your Processor

Depending on the select payment processor, you will be promoted to enter in some credentials.

  1. Enter in the credentials in each field
  2. Click the 'Save Account' button when done.

Enable Your Payment Processor

Once you configure a Payment Processor, you can edit or disable it by clicking on the desired accordion.

  1. Takes you to the homepage for the processor
  2. Here you can change your account / account credentials
  3. You can disable a payment processor by clicking this feature
  4. SSL Reminder. If your payment processor requires a SSL certificate InkSoft will indicate which stores are eligible for payments and which ones are not.