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Manage Fonts

You can use the Manage Font function to do three main things: Allow / Disallow fonts for use in the Design Studio and Download fonts for offline installation and use.

1. Selecting Font Style

  1. Select Font Style: In this drop-down you can select the font categories you wish to view and control
  2. After selecting one or more font categories click the apply button

2. Font List

  1. The font categories you selected in the previous step will display in tabs. Clicking on a tab will reveal the fonts available in that particular font category.
  2. Any font that are unchecked in the 'Allowed' column will NOT display in the Design Studio. You can use the Select / Deselect all function to allow / disallow fonts.
  3. You can click the download icon to download the desured font. This will download a TTF installable font.

Click Save to update your changes