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Manage Fonts

You can use the Manage Font area to select the fonts you want to be available in the Design Studio. Additionally you can download the fonts TTF file to use on your local environment.

Getting Started

To navigate to Custom Fonts:

  1. Use the navigation bar in the header and move your mouse over Art
  2. Move the cursor down to Fonts
  3. Click to select Manage Fonts

Getting Started Cont'd

  1. Click the Font categories here to view the associated fonts
  2. Additionally, you can use the search field to find a specific font

Managing Fonts

  1. Fonts that have the "Allowed" column checked will be available to use in the Design Studio. Any fonts that are unchecked will NOT display in the Design Studio. You can use the Select / Deselect All function to check or uncheck fonts in bulk
  2. You can click the download icon to download the desired font. This will download a TTF installable font

Click Save to update your changes