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#1 General Intro

This article is a general orientation that will help you become more acquainted with some of the InkSoft system. The article will explain how to navigate through InkSoft. As well as finding support from our knowledgebase and customer support team.

First Glance

Once you arrive at the Admin Portal, the first page you will see is the DashBoard. The DashBoard is essentially a home page of the administrative area, where you'll be able to navigate to different section of InkSoft.

  1. The main navigation bar will direct you through the various sections of InkSoft
  2. The Quick Links menu can help you quickly go frequently used areas of InkSoft
  3. On-Page Help is a help button that will provide links to Knowledge Base articles that relate to the page you are on

On-Page Help

  1. The On-Page Help button is a great tool to utilize when you run into questions about the page you're on. This will provide insightful instructions pertaining to the page you're viewing

System Messages

System Messages are one of the ways InkSoft will notify you of any important upcoming information. Usually these message will be about new feature release, server maintenance, or anything else we feel may be important for you to know. You can see the system messages by clicking the button either on the Quick Menu, or in the left column of the Dashboard. 


Training Index

The Training Index is a central location of the knowledge base articles in InkSoft. The same articles can also be found while working throughout InkSoft, via the Green "? On-Page Help" button. To get to the training index click the book on the upper right corner, or clicktraining index on the dashboard page. 


Navigation Bar

Here is a brief description of each section and the options they offer. 

  1. Dashboard: Essentially this is the home page of the admin area, providing a brief overview of whats going in your InkSoft account.
  2. Business Tools: This area provides options to manage existing, and create new Art Approvals, Quotes, and Invoices.
  3. Products: Provides options for creating and managing products, and product categories. Also included are options to add products from a supplier, and creating new pre-decorated products.
  4. Pricing: Set the stores print pricing, and product pricing rules. This area also provides options to manage the stores printing capabilities, and the store minimums.
  5. Art: Download and manage Designs Ideas and Clip Art.
  6. Orders: Manage all the stores orders, and saved shopping carts of customer that didn't finish checking out in the store.
  7. Marketing: Multiple options are listed in this section. Creating coupons and discounts, editing system-generated emails, manage users, and SEO options just to name a few.
  8. Web Stores: Create and manage the stores information, and the appearance of the storefront.
  9. Reports: Generate various types of reports to help with managing a store.
  10. Settings: Allows full control of the stores capabilities. Shipping, cart settings, taxation, payment processors, and additional store options are managed here.

Contact Support

We've made it convenient to get help from our knowledge base and customer support team. You may have already noticed a Green 'Questions? Need help? Click here.' tab on each page in the InkSoft backend. Clicking this tab will allow you to:

  • Search the knowledge base for articles that can answer common questions
  • Submit a support request by clicking Contact Support

Knowledge base

We've created a comprehensive knowledge base for all function available in InkSoft. Here you can:

  1. Keyword search for answers and training guides
  2. Browse by topic

We urge you to find answers first before contacting support.