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Pricing Options

The Pricing Options section of InkSoft allows you to be able to make some chocies on what style of service you provide customers on your stores, how the product and quoting displays pricing on stores, and your minimums per order.

Pricing Options Video

This video comes from our Getting Started with InkSoft guides and videos, from Training Session 2 - Print Pricing.


Navigating to Pricing Options

  1. Pricing
  2. Pricing Options

Manage Pricing Options

Clicking on an accordion will reveal the settings available for each option.

  1. Printing Capabilities: Provides controls to enable/disable Digital Printing and Vector Printing. Additionally there are options to choose the type of art files rendered by InkSoft.
  2. Price Display Options: Options to change how pricing is displayed in each store can be found here. As well as control of the currency symbols shown.
  3. Minimums Per Order: Set various types of minimums for each store to limit when an order can be processed.
  4. Save: Save any changes you have made to the Pricing Options Page.

Printing Capabilities

  1. Enable either Digital, or Vector Printing, or both types for the InkSoft. Additionally there are options to set a max color per design for Vector printing, as well as DPI for Digital printing. Enabling Magic Touch or GT Printer will allow you to select art files needed for those options.
  2. Select the art files you want to recieve when rendering art from InkSoft. The options shown for rendering directly relates to the printing options that have been enabled.
  3. Here you can define whether you will allow digital / vector art on a store by store basis

NOTE: If you disable Digital Printing, InkSoft will automatically filter out the digital art from the store.



Price Display Options

  1. Symbol field allows you to change the currency symbol shown on all your stores.
  2. The Price Display Options provide control on how pricing displays in each store
    • Combine Print & Product Prices everywhere including default first print side: This options calculates the first side print cost with the product price, and displays the end result for the customer to see.
    • Combine Print & Product Prices in Cart Only: When enabled the product and print price will only be combined in the cart, but not in quotes and prouduct pages.
    • Combine Print & Product Prices in Quote Only: Product and print price will only be combine in quotes, but will display seperate in cart and product pages when this options is enabled.
    • Combine Print & Product Prices in Cart & Quote: This options will combine the product price with the print price only in cart and quotes, and will keep pricing seperate on the proudct pages.
    • Display Print Price Seperate from Product Price: When this option is selected the store will not combine product and print pricing.

Note: We recommend using the setting, 'Display Print Price Separate from Product Price' when testing your stores pricing. Once your pricing is all figured out we recommend using, 'Combine Print & Product Prices everywhere including default first print side' to help avoide any confusion for the customer.


Minimums Per Order

  1. Sub-Total: Set a defined minimum dollar amount in order to checkout.
  2. Item Count: Set a defined minimum item count to checkout
  3. Product: Set a defined minimum product count to checkout
  4. Color: Set a defined minimum product color count to checkout
  5. Design / Art: Set a defined minimum number of products that must be purchased for each design
  6. DTG:  Set the minimum amount of products that are required for digital printing
  7. Vector: Set the minimum amount of products required for vector printing