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Pricing Rules

These are used to price your blank items typically. You can use different pricing rules (markups) to price out your items before it's service pricing is applied.    

(Blank Product + Print/Service = Finished Price)

Many of our users will set up rules depending on the item type - EX: t-shirts rule, sweatshirts rule, or based on the supplier. Any product that you assign to the rule - if the item's cost within the rule, the markup will be applied.

Example Rule: 100% Markup on Cost on items that cost between 0 and $10.00. If you had a $5.00 cost item, it would charge the customer the customer $10.00 for that item - effectively doubling it.

Recommended: For blank product setup - especially apparel.

Not recommended: For Pre-decorated items. Most folks really like to manually price those since they include print/embroidery (usually a specific cost) and/or they may have set extended size charges.


Gettings Started

To create a new pricing rule for the products to be able to use, follow the steps below after logging into the store.

  1. Click Pricing
  2. Click Product Pricing
  3. Click Pricing Rules
  4. Click Create New Rule

Creating a Pricing Rule

  1. Add a Name for the pricing rule
  2. Select the desired method for your pricing rule to be based on, choose between the folowing
    • % Markup on Product Quantity
    • % Markup on Product Cost
    • Margin on Product Quantity
    • Margin on Product Cost
    • $ Markup on Product Quantity
    • $ Markup on Product Cost
  3. Add Row



Saving the Pricing Rule

Save the rule when you're done adding rows of data.

  1. Click Save