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How to Set Up a Print Pricing Grid

Setting up your screen print pricing grid.

Config > Pricing > Pricing Options

Printing Capabilities

Blue Arrows- The different file formats provided by InkSoft when files are rendered.

Green Arrows- The different production processes available, which will also determine what print grids will be available.

Below the arrows you are able to determine which grid (production process) will be available for that individual store.


Price Display Options

This area allows you to determine how the client will see the pricing in the checkout process. The blue arrow is the most commonly used setting.


Minimums Per Order

Green – Most common for screen-printing. The 12 in design is setting a minimum per    design

Orange- Most common set for clients with digitalcapabilities.  


Digital Print Pricing Grid

Green- Allows you to add more quantity breaks

Yellow – Print price without product price. PER SIDE can be addressed in the Multiple Side Discounts

Turquoise-Names and Numbers pricing (this can be by any production process)

Orange -Where some clients will address sleeve print pricing. Also the overrides remain blank due to them overriding what you have under base price.

Red- Create multiple print grids for different products. Also you can create a digital grid for lights and darks and then point the dark color styles of the product to the dark grid and the lights to the light grids.


Screen Print Pricing Grid

Purple -This is where you can create the quantity breaks. (Press the circle arrows to update)

Turquoise-Names and Numbers pricing (this can be by any production process)

Orange -These are your screen fees. Notice for 2 colors you manually do the addition.

Green-  Print price without product price.