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Print-Ready PDF

Print-Ready PDF


InkSoft has added a major new enhancement that produces art content sized (scaled) and in position according to the print region the customer had saved their design on.


  • Eliminates the need to size art for production
  • Ensures accuracy
  • Reduces misprints
  • Saves time

View / download an example print-ready PDF file here.


Design Studio 'print region'

For every product in InkSoft, print regions can be created to define the printable area. Each region has a height and width associated to it. It is critical that you ensure your print regions are properly configured as the height and width will directly affect the print-ready PDF.


Print-Ready PDF

You will find the 'Print-Ready PDF' file located in rendered designs area within each order. Click the PDF icon next to each rendered file format to download.


Art Board / Design Canvas

You will notice upon opening the PDF in graphics design software that the 'art board' or design canvas is set to the dimensions of the print region that the customer had selected / saved their design against.

The art content is positioned and sized against the print region / art board. Thusly, this represents the size and location of the art approximate to the print region, eliminating the need to size graphics for production.