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Product Categories

Product categories allow you organize and manage all of the products you offer in your InkSoft stores. Taking the time to set up and organize your product categories will make life much easier for you as you create new stores and add new products. The number of product categories is completely up to you based on your needs.


Getting Started

  1. After you log into InkSoft, click Products
  2. Click Product Categories

Gettings Started Cont'd...

  1. Expand Categories: This button will expand all the categories that have sub-categories on the page
  2. Collapse Categories:This button will collapse any categories that have been expanded
    • Note: You can expand and collapse categories by clicking the carrot to the left of each category (highlighted in yellow)
  3. Alphabetize: This will sort the product categories in alaphabetical order including sub-categories
  4. Create New: This will allow you to create a new category
  5. Save:  Be sure to click this when you're done with the changes you have made

Gettings Started Cont'd...

  1. Select All/Deselect All: This option will check or uncheck all the boxes next to all the categories
  2. Category Selector: Individually select product categories one by one
  3. Delete: This will remove any selected categories

Creating a New Category

  1. Click Create New
  2. In the Pop up, add the category name
  3. (Optional) If the category being created will be a subcategory to an existing catgory, use the Parent Category drop down to select the parent category
  4. (Optional) Click Upload if you would like to upload a image for the category. The category cover art can be visible in the Design Studio and some of the store themes
  5. Click Create Category when you're done
  6. Be sure to save your changes after you create your new cateogry.

Editing a Category

InkSoft allows you to edit your categories once you create them.

  1. Click the pencil to the right of the category name
    • An Edit Category section will drop down
  2. The Name Field: Will allow you to rename the category
  3. Remove Cover Art: This will remove the exsisting cover art in the category
  4. Upload: This allows you to insert/replace a category image
  5. Delete Category: This button will remove the category from the list
  6. Save: Be sure to save anychanges you make

Rearranging Categories

Rearranging your categories is relatively simple in InkSoft. Left-click on the category you want to move, and while still holding down, drag and drop the category to its new location.

Note: While dragging a category, you will see a blue box appear between other categories in relation to where your cursor is. This blue box represents where the selected category will be moved to when releasing the mouse.


Rearranging Categories Cont'd...

You can also move a category into an expanded sub-category list by the same drag and drop method.

  1. Expand your categories.
  2. Drag and drop your new sub-category.
  3. Make sure you save you when you are done.