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Custom Personalization

This feature allows for the ability to add custom personalization options for pre-decorated products in InkSoft. This feature is useful when a selling situation calls for a unified non-customizable design AND some basic personalization. Example: Spiritwear t-shirt with official design printed full front and the students last name on the back. Other usse cases include:

  1. Player names & numbers
  2. Employee details (name, region, state, location etc)
  3. Embroidered lettering
  4. Monogramming
  5. Rhinestone application

Custom Personalization Options

At each product in InkSoft marked as 'pre-decorated' you can select 'Custom Personalization' to create up to two custom personalization fields / inputs.

Please Note: Charging for a personalization option will only work on NON-required options. Required would be included in the price of the garment.*

  1. Make sure you have selected 'pre-decorated' under product options
  2. Select 'Custom Personalization'
  3. Make Active / Require: Make active means to 'turn on' and required makes the field a requirement in order to add to cart.
  4. Field Name is the title of the personalization field.
  5. Description displays as a tooltip at the field.
  6. Add the charge associated.*
  7. Add to Cart button text: Here you can name the actual button for personalization. Note the limit of 18 characters.

Shopper Experience

Upon selecting the customizable 'personalize' button, the shopper will be prompted to input the required custom personalization fields.


Shopper Experience cont...

After clicking the personalize button a modal will appear as seen below. Here a shopper can modify quantity and input the personalization fields.

NOTE: When the mouse hovers over the question mark icon a 'tooltip' will display with the description of the personalization field as defined in the product personalization creation process.


Split Quantity Feature

For shoppers adding multiple quantities of the same size the split quantity function will automatically break selected quantities into individual lines. This makes it easy to add individualized personalization for a bulk order.


Checkout process

Once the shopper decides to checkout, they can review and modify their personalization inputs as seen below.


Checkout process cont...

In the final checkout process the shopper will see a review of their personalization inputs.


Order Details

At the order details area you will see the personalization options display at each item.