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Manage Products

Managing your products is a crucial part of keeping your online store running and relevant to your customers.  Without accurate product information, product pricing and good product images, you’ll have a hard time keeping customers on your page in a very visual market.  This guide will show you how to efficiently manage your products to keep your site looking it’s best with our new product management section.  


Video from our Getting Started Section


General Tab

1. Edit Name, Supplier.

2. Choose Default Color (one per color)

3. Product Description: Your product info which is usually supplied by the supplier. This box can also input HTML for special formatting.

4. Enter the Search Tags for the product.

5. Available Sizes. Use the Up and Down Arrows to move them into in Order. Check the Check box for the ones you want to use.

6. Sides: Enable/disable print sides

7. Status: Active or Inactive. If it is active it will be available for your customers to see.

8. Store Assignment: Assign it to one or more stores here.

9. Category: Every product needs to be categorized. Select at least one category. Edit your Product categories under Product > product Categories.

10. Options: Choose your options for this product.

  • Featured - Featured on the homepage
  • Available for Quantity Discounts
  • Tax Exempt (great for those fundraiser stores)
  • Pre-Decorated - The print regions and design feature will be turned off if checked.
  • Free Printing - Printing is included in the price of the item.
  • Require Design - requires a user to add a design to the item to purhcase or add it to the cart.

11. Personalization Options. Turn on Standard Names & Numbers, or Custom Personalization for Pre-decorated Products.

12. Printing Capabilities. Turn on your decoration methods, set your Maximum Print Colors (1 for a 1 color option only, 2 for 2 colors, etc), Screen Print Grid, and Digital Grid here for the proudct.

12. Minimums. Set your minimums for this item.

  • Per Order - The number of items to be purchased per order.
  • Per Color / Per Style per Order.
  • Per Design / Art per Order.

Colors & Images Tab

  1. Bulk Select Colors.
  2. Bulk Apply Actions to the Colors.
  3. Upload Images per side.
  4. Mark the Color as Active to make it avai
  5. Set the HTML Color for the Primary Color per product. (the grey to represent Athletic Heather)
  6. Add additional colors of product.
  7. Bulk Upload Colors.

Please Note: Each color that you add you need to make sure that you have a Primary Color, a name, image(s), and make sure that it is set to Active.


Pricing Tab

Our example product is a custom one without cost.... If you have cost - It would show in the supplier cost coloumn and all Pricing Rules would price off of the Cost.

  1. Filter in bulk - Click to select all of your items (the colors become checked)
  2. Pick your Bulk Apply Options. (for doing upcharges - Set customer Price > Pick Size >
  3. Store Price - Use only if you are having the same item in multiple store and need it to be Price #1 in one store and Price #2 in another store. Otherwise - skip it.
  4. Fixed price - Fill out your All Colors - "regular size - all colors price". (S-XL)
  5. Override Prices - Useful for Upcharges - but if entered here - has to be entered for each size/color.
  6. Pricing Rule to use your Pricing Rule set under: Pricing > Product Pricing > Pricing Rule.



Print Regions Tab

Print Regions are necessary for each product and for apparel items it is important to redo them to match what your business does.

  1. Region Name - What you want the Region to be called to the customer.
  2. Width - Select your Print Width.
  3. Select the Height.
  4. Draw the Region.
  5. Delete the Region.
  6. Click the Plus Sign to add an additional location.
  7. To add a new Width - Click the Plus Sign and then do the name/size.
  8. Save your Width.
  9. Select the Side for your Overlay. (usually sublimation products only)
  10. Upload your Overlay file.  (usually sublimation products only)

Print Regions - Drawing Regions

Once you have selected your Width and Height for your region:

  1. Click Draw Region.
  2. Click on the Region.
  3. Move the Region by clicking (and holding) and dragging the region.
  4. Scale it by pulling on the corners. This will keep it in "Scale" to your Width and Height.

Advanced Tab

  1. Inventory options
  2. Configure 3rd party product feeds.  Ex. Google product feeds
  3. Configure Shopworks feed
  4. Set inventory by color and size

Stores Tab

  1. Select store
  2. Set product as featured in the selected store
  3. Choose product colors you would like active in selected store.  (Highlighted in green when select)


  1. Select store
  2. SEO content entry fields.