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Product Sku Management - Quick Start Guide

This is intended to be a Quick Recap of what you need to do per product for product setup for the design studio. This is not meant to go through every feature of setting up a product for the design studio - but the essentials to pass to a team member.

Remember, you will still need to review our support guides on the following topics for all of the product management features:

Navigating to the Products Manager

Go to Products and then drop Down to Manage Products.


Filtering to Work on your Products

  1. Select Filter to Find the Products that you want to work on. You can filter by supplier, manufacturer, and more - then click the Apply Button. If you want to look at everything use Status > Published and Unpublished.  
  2. Select your Option.
  3. Click Apply.
  4. Click on the Product Sku Name to open it.  Example: 2000, 3001, etc.

Sku Management - General Tab - Required Options

  1. Adujust Your Product Name. This is the visible Name of the product on your website.
  2. Adjust the Product Description. This is the product description that your customers see on the website. You can input html code into this box.
  3. Pick the Default Color of the Product. The Default Color is the one that loads for the product and first in the Design Studio.
  4. Adjust the Sizes. Make sure that that the sizes are in order by using the small up and down triangles, and Check the boxes next to the sizes that you want to offer for a product.
  5. Pick your Available Sides. This will be dependent on the Images you provide for the product or from the suppliers. Most suppliers supply at least a front and a back image. If you don't want to offer a size to be designable - uncheck it!
  6. Make sure your Product is Active. (Live and on for a store)*
  7. Make sure your Product is assigned to a Store.*
  8. Make sure you Categorize your Product.*

(REQUIRED for it to show up in a store, and in the Studio)


Sku Management - General Tab - Advanced Options

  1. Pick out Your Options.
  2. Turn on Names and Numbers (for Design Your Own or Pre-Decorated Products) or Custom Personalization (Pre-Deocrated Products Only - Guide on the Topic).
  3. Pick Your Decoration Methods.
  4. Max Print Colors. Set the Maximum Print Colors allow. 1 Color Screenprint Waterbottle - Put #1
  5. Minimals per Order. Useful for when a customer has to buy a minimum of 6 - and enforce it here on the product. (useful for hats, and other things that you may not be able to sell a single item of)
  6. Save.

Personalization options are there for Pre-Decorated Products only. Not for Design Your Own items.




Sku Management - Pricing Tab - Pricing Rule Option (Recommended)

This is for doing an automatic percentage markup above the cost, or margin above the cost. If you have already set up a rule - use this. Visit here to learn how to set up your rules: Guide for Pricing Rules.

  1. Select Pricing Rule. This is the visible Name of the product on your website.
  2. Pick the Rule you want to Use.
  3. Confirm your Percentages and New Customer Price.



Sku Management - Pricing Tab - Fixed Pricing (Manual Product Pricing)

  1. Set to Fixed Price. This is for manual pricing.
  2. Enter your Regular Size Price.
  3. For Upcharges do the check all box to select all of the Colors of the Product.
  4. Click Bulk Apply > Set Customer Price > Pick the Size You Want to Change. Then Fill out the Price in the Bottom Box and click Apply. Do for each upside you want to price - 2xl, 3xl, 4xl, etc.
  5. Confirm Your Prices under Customer Unit Price Column.

Sku Management - Print Regions Tab - For Design Your Own Products

  1. Name your Print Region. Most users call these what these are - full front, left chest, etc.
  2. Sent the Print Width. If the width is not available in the drop down box go below the print region box and select the Plus Sign to add an additional print width. (this is #7 in the picture)
  3. Enter your print height in inches. No zeroes necessary for a whole number.
  4. Click Draw Region.
  5. Place the box on the product where it should be. The ratio of the box should match the print region from above. You can scale it to the appropriate size by clicking on the box and dragging on the corner of the box.
  6. Save your changes after all print regions are completed.
  7. Use this area to add an additional print width that is not shown in your Width Selector box.

Sku Management - Stores Tab - For Using the Same Product in Multiple Store

  1. Choose your Inventory Option.
  2. Click the Color You want to Check Inventory.
  3. Review the Quantities in Stock in the Inventory.
  4. Hit Save.

Sku Management - Stores Tab - For Using the Same Product in Multiple Store

  1. Select the Store You Want to Edit Colors In.
  2. Click the colors on that you want to use - they should be green.
  3. Hit Save.