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Setting Up BrainTree

Getting to your API Keys

To get the Public Key, Merchant ID, and the Private Key for your InkSoft account.

  1. Click Account on the upper right and select My user
  2. Near the bottom under Authorization, click API Keys


Once the page loads take note of your Public Key and Merchant ID. If no API keys appear, click Generate New.

  • Click View under Private Key to get your Private Key

Add Your API Keys to Your Store

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Shopping Cart Settings
  3. Click Payment Processors
  4. Select BrainTree Payments CC in the Add New Processor dropdown menu
  5. Add your Merchant ID, Public Key, Private Key
  6. Click Save Account

Enable BrainTree

After the page refreshes go back and click "Enable Payment Gateway"



You should now see some green text that says "Enabled."

  • Side Note: The payment gateway will not show up if you HAVE NOT enabled the SSL yet.
    • Click Here to see how to enable the SSL for your store.