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Setting up PayPal Pay Flow Pro

Finding your PayPal PayFlow Pro account

If you don't already have a PayPal PayFlow Pro account, you can create one here.

After creating the PayPal PayFlow Pro account you will recieve and e-mail confirmation that will include your Partner ID and Unique Vender ID which you will need to insert into the InkSoft backend.

Side Note:

The Partner ID and Unique Vendor ID are both needed to log into your account manager.

  • Your account manager login page is here, which is also included in the confirmation e-mail
  • The Unique Vender goes into the Merchant Login area.

Adding PayPal PayFlow Pro to InkSoft

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Shopping Cart Settings
  3. Click Payment Processors
  4. Select PayPal PayFlow Pro from the 'Add New Processor' drop-down
  5. Add the Unique Vender ID (included in the confirmation e-mail)
  6. Add the Parnter Id (included in the confirmation e-mail)
  7. Add the Password for the PayPal PayFlow Pro account you created
  8. Click Save Account

Enabling PayPal PayFlow Pro

After the page refreshes you will need to enable your newly added account

  1. Click PayPal PayFlow Pro dropdown
  2. Click Enable Payment Gateway
  3. Important!: SSL needs to be enabled for this to work in your store. If you havn't yet please review the Site Security/SSL Settings guide to enable(click here).


After the page refreshes PayPal PayFlow Pro should show enabled.

  • Note: You should ALWAYS conduct a test transaction to ensure that your payment processor is properly configured.