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Setting up Stripe (Recommended Payment Processor)

Step 1: Create Account

Before using Stripe, you will need to create an account. Create your free account here. You can review Stripe's pricing here. Stripe has no set up or monthly fees. They do however, have a rolling 7 day transfer. This means that funds generated on Wednesday would be available in your back account on the following Wednesday.

Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email. Be sure to confirm.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Stripe requires an SSL certificate. InkSoft makes a free SSL certificate option available, or you can buy a dedicated SSL certificate. Either way, you need to have an SSL enabled in order to use Stripe.


Step 2: Confirm Email

  1. Once you confirm your email, click the 'Activate Your Account' button. This is when you will enter in your banking information and everything else required for a Stripe Account.

Step 3: Complete Application

Complete the short application. Trust us. This is the shortest and easiest payment processor application ever, seriously!


Step 4: Get your 'Secret Key'

Click API to get to the API section.


Get your 'Secret Key' Cont'd

  1. To get your API key click Reveal Live Secret Key.

Get your 'Secret Key' Cont'd

  1. Copy your Live Secret Key.

Step 6: Add Stripe to your Account Part 1

  1. Hover on Settings
  2. Go down to Shopping Settings
  3. And then click on Payment Processors

Step 6: Adding Stripe to your Account Part 2

  1. Click Payment Processors
  2. Click Select and Select Stripe from the drop down

Step 6: Pasting in Your Secret Key

  1. Paste in your secret key.
  2. Hit Save

Step 7: Enabling Stripe as a Payment Processor

  1. Click Stripe.
  2. Click Enable Payment Gateway to turn it on.

Step 8: Stripe Confirmation

Now you will see that Stripe is now Enabled for your account.