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This guide will show you how to setup Google Merchant Center with the Product Feed from InkSoft. Before you get started please be sure to review the Merchant Center guidelines here so you don't have problems getting your products approved. If you need help setting up google merchant center, please refer to this article linked here.  

Preparing a Product for the Product Feed

The product will need to have all the Product Feed information filled in to work with Google Merchant Center. So make sure to fill in the Category, Description, Gender, Age Group and as much of the GTIN info as possible.  

If you don't know the categories Google uses for the Merchant Center, refer to the link provided here which has an option to save the category sheet as text or Excel document. Once everything is filled out make sure the "Include in Feeds" option is checked and save the product. It should look similar to the screen shot below.


Retrieving the Product Feed

To retrieve the product from your InkSoft account you will need to navigate to the Site Tools option under the Advanced Marketing area. Clicking the "Site Tools page" link on the edit product page will also bring you here.

From here, filter to the store that your products are assigned to and go to the Google Product Feed section. Next, use the "Create New Google Product Feed" button to generate a new feed. Once the page refreshes, a link "Click here to download your file" will appear so you can download the product feed zip file. Once the zip file is download go ahead and unzip the file, which will reveal an .xml file we will use later.


Retrieving the Product Feed (Optional)(Advanced)

If you're trying to have the Merchant Center fetch the product data on a schedule, you will need to provide an URL to the XML file we generate. To get the file url, right click the "Click here to download your file" link shown in the above screenshot. Paste in the link and change the ending of the link from ".zip" to ".xml" and now you have the link the Merchant Center will need.

Below is an example of what the link will look like after changing from .zip to .xml.


Creating Product Feed

Once you have your product feed file or url, go to the Products section of Google Merchant Center. Then click the add feed button (blue circle with plus) to create a new product feed.


Creating Product Feed (Cont.)

Fill out the form on the first step and continue to the next step. You can use the screenshot below to reference since you will most likely have the same setup, except for the name of the feed, which is your choice. 


Input Method

If you downloaded the zip file you will need to use the upload option, if you happened to do the extra steps to get the XML file use the "Scheduled fetch" option. 


Upload Method

First, you will need to provide the file name which can be named whatever you would like, just note that it does not accept spaces between words. You will need to use the underscore. Eg. Product_Feeds.

Next, select the option to manually upload the file, and click Select File. From there select the file you unzipped earlier and Save.


Scheduled Fetch Method

Like the upload method, name the file whatever you would like, just be sure to use underscores instead of spaces as mentioned before. Eg. Product_Feeds.

Next, select the frequency you would like Google to retrieve this file, then select the time when to fetch as well as the time zone.

Lastly, you'll need to paste in the XML you retrieved and Save.


Pending Products

After the merchant center is done processing your product feed (which can take a few minutes), your products will show in the list area with the status of the product. You can click the title of the product to see the more details about the product and status.